Christopher J Stacey

Thousand-yard stare

A shop front mannequin, Toronto.


A tram arrives, Toronto, Canada

Sunset over Ice

The sun setting over a frozen lake ontario, Canada.


The CN Tower, Toronto, Canada.

Toronto and Ice

Looking across the Ice to the Toronto Skyline.

Generic Man

A store front in Toronto

Rock Pier

Woodbine Beach, Toronto, Canada


Waters edge with rocks, Woodbine beach, Toronto, Canada

White Rock

Woodbine Beach, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Square Rock

Woodbine Beach, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Wind Station

Winter Stations, Woodbine Beach, Toronto. "Wind Station" Paul van den Berg & Joyce de Grauw Rotterdam, Netherlands


Winter Stations, woodbine beach, Toronto, "Obstacle" Kien Pham Surbiton, United Kingdom

Wooden Beam

Woodbine beach, and rocks, Toronto, Ontario.


Woodbine Beach, Toronto.


CN Tower reflected in a puddle at Sunset, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.