Christopher J Stacey


#86 Porsche, hard over, clipping the apex. Le Mans 24hr 2017.

High Speed, Low Drag

An LMP 2 bouncing over the Ford chicane. Le Mans 2017,

Sunset #66

#66 Ford GT Qualifying in the setting sun. Le Mans 24hr 2017

Brake Glow

Entering the braking zone, with glowing brake discs, Ford GT, Le Mans 24hr 2017


A Toyota LMP1 cornering hard, Le Mans 24hr 2017

Low behind the wire

Shooting #69 Ford GT lowdown through the crowd, on the run up to Dunlop,it was fun and challenging tracking cars as they pass the huge crowds of people lining the track, Le Mans 24hr 2017


Toyota Gazoo Racing No.8 LMP1-H TS050 being prepared for the 24hr of Le Mans 2017


A piece of front body work form an LMP2 racecar, Le Mans 24hrs 2017


Body work during Le Mans 24hr Friday pit walk


Le Mans 24hr Qualifying 2017.

488 GT3 Mono

488 GT3 no. 84 of JMW Motorsport, Le Mans, Qualifying 2017

An LMP3 entering the last chicane, Le Mans 2017


Outbound towards Dunlop Overtaking, Le Mans 24hr 2017





#33 Eurasia Motorsport LMP2 Ligier JS P217, hits the braking zone with glowing discs as it try to scrub of speed. Le mans 24hrs 2017


Javier Ibran Pardo in his Ligier JS P3 - Nissan, missing the Ford Chicane, Le Mans 24hr 2017


Car #37 zooming by, Le mans 24hr 2017

Night Blur

Le Mans 24hr 2017.


SPV MotorSport Ligier JS P3 - Nissan

GT #66

Ford GT #66, Le Mans 24hrs 2017


High Speed Bokeh

Headlights of Le Mans 24hr

Light Speed

Night time at Le Mans.

Don't blink, you'll miss it!

Action at Le Mans 24hrs