Christopher J Stacey

Trinity Bay

Looking across Trinity Bay towards the Artisan Inn, Newfoundland, Canada.

Harbour Sunset

Rolling clouds and Sunset over Trinity Bay, Newfoundland.

Trinity Sunset

Looking across Trinity Bay, Trinity, Newfoundland, Canada

Sunset over Trinity

Sunset over Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, Canada.

S.S. Ethie

S.S. Ethie was built at Glasgow, Scotland in 1900 and was 155 feet (47 m) long and 439 tonnes. The ship was used for the Labrador, St. Barbe run. On December 11, 1919, she sunk at Martin's Point, about 20 miles (32 km) from Bonne Bay. The passengers and crew were rescued in a dramatic rescue by means of a boson’s chair and a rope.

Misty Iceberg

150ft tall Iceberg looms out of the foggy North Atlantic, St. Anthony, Newfoundland.


A Wind Sculptured Iceberg in the mist, Newfoundland.

Blue Sail

An Iceberg near Whale Point, Newfoundland, Canada

Sculpture of Ice

An Iceberg, lost in a cove, New Bonaventure, Newfoundland.


An Iceberg in the cove of Great Brehat, Newfoundland, Canada.


Mirror Boat

Trinity bay, Newfoundland, Canada


A tabular Iceberg, in St Anthony's Bight, Newfounland, Canada


Iceberg in St. Anthony Bight, Newfoundland, Canada.

600ft Wide

A Tabular Iceberg, 600ft (182m) wide, founded in St. Anthony's Bight, Newfoundland. The depth of this Iceberg is between 130 - 150ft as it is stuck on the sea floor and breaking up.


An iceberg in the mist, showing the wear of the ocean. Newfoundland, Canada


The jagged tip of an Iceberg, Newfoundland, Canada.


A wild Caribou on the side of the road in St. Anthony, Newfoundland, Canada.


A wild Moose on the side of the road in St. Anthony, Newfoundland, Canada.


Canon's overlooking the entrance to St. Johns Harbour, Newfoundland.


The Lighthouse at Ferryland, Newfoundland.


Fort (Admiral's) Point, Trinity Bay, Trinity

Ferryland Head Light

Ferryland Head Light is an active lighthouse on Avalon Peninsula, southeast of the village of Ferryland, Newfoundland and Labrador. It is situated at the end of a long peninsula that juts into the sea. This lighthouse was built in 1871. It is a 14-metre tall cylindrical tower, painted red. Atop is a white lantern, a gallery, and a red roof. It was originally made of brick, but, since 1892, has been encased with iron. The lantern flashes white every six seconds. The original light has been replaced, and is now part of a display at the Ferryland Museum.

Toy Lighthouse

Tilt Shift entrance to St. Johns Harbour, Newfoundland


Quirpon Harbour, in the mist, Newfoundland, Canada.


A tabular iceberg, in St. Anthony, Newfoundland, Canada.